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Learning Profile

Instantly receive a Learning Profile when you complete our Initial Assessment that shows you the strengths, weaknesses, traits and teaching methods that are best suited to each child

Adaptive Learning

Receive the best recommendations on the learning plans and content that is best suited to each child, updated with every note you take.

Smart notes on progression

Take student progression notes in seconds with our smart notes. Each note is tagged to a student, their Learning Profile and the material they were working on to best inform your lessons.

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Streamline your tutoring business with Educai - a platform that consolidates all the tools you need to help each student reach their full learning potential. From understanding how a child learns best, to successfully managing and scaling your operations.

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An all-in-one platform

Teach smarter

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the initial assessment and Learning Profiles

Instantly understand how your student learns best through an Initial Assessment that matches their behavioural and academic traits to one of ten different Learning Profiles.

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smart notes

Track your student's progression in real-time with our Smart Notes. Each note is tagged to a student, their Learning Profile, and the activity they are working on to track progress and inform future sessions.

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CONTENT recommendations

Receive custom content recommendations based on each student’s Learning Profile and session objectives that are further refined with every Smart Note you take.

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Manage smarter

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Automatically and instantly generate reports on each individual student, detailing their activity and progress to review internally, or share with parents.

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attendance tracking

Track student attendance for each session by month, term or your own selected dates to easily manage session counts and invoicing.

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parent and student LOGINS

Easily give students and parents access to our platform, so they can seamlessly access all relevant information.

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